So we packed up. Kissed the kids goodbye and hit the road. Back to the noise. Back to the city that never sleeps.
As much as i love visiting fam and basking in the quiteness of Wynnwood; i get really homesick. I start to miss the sound of the racoons raiding garbage cans on my block, the sound of car alarms at 3 am, and sirens that are so loud they seem to be in the room with me 6 floors above ground. Yes, i miss all that crap.
Missing home made the 3.5 hr drive home to feel like nothing.
I ate grits again prior to the road trip and being in a rush I never properly measured my water to grits ratio and ended up with a soupy cereal. it was gross. I settled for a large coffee on the road and that was sub par as well. All family members reading this can have a private giggle about the incidents on the road… but what happens on the road, stays on the road.
Finally got home around lunch and was looking forward to clearing my DVR and chillin with Mick’ster.
A turkey, cheese, and spinach ‘wich with spicy mustard. And a can of not-so-exciting soup. Not wanting to do much for dinner, i set up a pot of boiling water and made some pasteles. with hot sauce… (sorry Mari- no ketchup) Easiest dinner ever. And such a comfort food!

Im kinda bummed. in my hurry to leave this morning I left my camera home that is loaded with new photos and recipes. But if you’re still hungry for more you can peep my Downtown Lunch Profile.
Happy Tuesday!