A few months ago, one of my friends from High School, Nneka, hit me up on facebook. I cant recall her specific wording but to paraphrase, her comment went something like this: “I will travel to Queens if you cook for me”. And really, the Italian in me cannot say no to anyone when it comes to food… not that i wanted to say no… but when i accepted the offer- publicly- i immediately started something.

Pretty soon, Jessica (hey gurl), was in on it and then Megan… plus a few boys that tried to crash the girls day. We set a date and then i immediately began menu planning.

Ulitmately, i decided on chicken as the protein. Nneka, doesnt eat pork. Megan, only eats Chicken or Shrimp. And when Fresh Direct had a sale on whole free range chickens, i decided whole chicken indeed.


To start, i made (for the very first time ever) roasted red pepper hummus. The recipe, which i cannot share at the moment, is a part of a beta ipad cookbook application that a fellow foodie asked me to test for her. What I can do (now that i know how to make hummus) is recreate my own version of this delicious spread.


I paired it with some kettle chips. I really didnt think the ladies were going to like this but sure enough, one of them went home with a nice container full of homemade hummus. So, yay for my first time!

To go with the chicken, i decided to make a spinach artichoke penne and cheese.


Here is my thick and creamy bechamel sauce! yums!


Poured it all over some al dente penne and gave it a healthy sprinkling of mozzarella cheese.


I roasted two small chickens. One was rubbed with Garlic, onion, salt, and pepper while the other was rubbed down with Emeril Essence. I roasted them at 450 for 30 minutes then brought the temp down to 350 to bake for one hour. When it was done (160*), i let it rest before carving.


It was delicious! And i used the pan drippings to make an amazing chicken gravy…although the chicken did not need it.


Nneka preparing to server herself.


the goods. We also had some asparagus that i cooked in butter and salt.


the spread. Looking at this photo i think to myself “why didnt i make any bread?”

the answer: I wasnt being awesome.

Note to self: Be Awesome- EVERY DAY.


Meg and Jess ate, and ate well. Here they sit digesting and talking…. about life. and boys. and then they found out they live a block away from eachother.

see how food brings people together?


So once the ladies had made a little more room in their tummies i brought out dessert…


Rich homemade vanilla ice cream….


with some Pure Dark Chocolate chunk oatmeal cookies


for Homemade chip ‘wiches.

i think i did a pretty good job… the ladies went home that night and fell into glorious food comas.